Need For Speed Underground

2003 edition and seventh installment of EA's great racing franchise

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It is difficult to bring up almost any racing game without comparing it to the Need for Speed franchise, and Need for Speed: Underground remains one of the most popular titles in the series. Released by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2003, it seems like the goal of the company was to offer players more customization options for their vehicles than ever before. Here is a closer look at this game and what players can expect when getting behind the wheel of their virtual ride.

For those that are a fan of the series, the first thing that will be noticed about this release is the gritty nature of the racing world. As an alternative to world-renowned tracks and high-end vehicles, players will instead get a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of illegal night time racing. This includes the use of cheaper vehicles, but this is an improvement over the upgrades, extras, and add-ons that are available for every single ride.

The storyline of the game involves a series of competitors that are able to contact the player via their vehicle chat screen. As the car improves and more races are won, the stakes become higher as NPCs raise the wagers. This includes a number of new races, each of which promotes various styles of cars. In addition, the wagers involve requirements for unique upgrades that can maximize one’s chances of winning. The new gameplay options include circuit races, point-to-point races and knockout matches in which the last vehicle of every lap is booted.

Players have 111 total objectives in order to complete the campaign of the game, but no one needs to stop there. While completing matches, anyone can branch off with their races in order to increase their reputation in the world of illegal racing. This includes options such as increasing bets, betting for pink slips or even requesting one on one races for more control of the turf.

In the end, Need for Speed: Underground is more about customization than anything else, and those that enjoy building the ultimate ride will find plenty to keep their attention. With crisp graphics and a range of game styles, it will be a great addition for any racing fan.


-Complete vehicle customization

-Multiple game styles

-Real world vehicles and products

-Flawless physics


-Cannot transfer custom vehicles to local races

-Limited race tracks

-Exclusively night races

-Cannot save replays

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